Insurance for your Business

 All Businesses need insurance, but not all Business Insurance
is the same. Different types of businesses need
different kinds of insurance. For example:

As a business owner General Liability insurance can be one of the most important insurance policies you should purchase. Depending on your type of business can determine what type of protection your General Liability insurance will provide.

For Contractors general liability insurance, your liability policy will protect if a covered claim happens at a jobsite. It will cover losses from 3rd parties for property damage or bodily injury. If a claim should arise when you are on a jobsite, Liability insurance can protect you from court cost as well as needing to pay to fix or replace damaged property or worse, needing to pay medical bills or bodily injury claims if someone gets injured.

For your contracting business insurance, there are some other important insurance policies you should consider:

If your business is Retail or you need insurance for a store or restaurant, your biggest liability risk is from your customers that walk in the door. Your Liability policy can protect you if someone should get injured at your store, or if they slip & fall at your business.

If your policy includes products and completed operations protection it may also provide protection after they leave your premises. For example if they get sick off of something they at your restaurant. Of course, there are always exclusions & exceptions to insurance policies, so you should always review your insurance policy with your insurance agent.

If a claim is filed your insurance adjuster from the insurance company will decide if your liability policy will cover the claim, & if it is a covered loss your policy will also defend you in court if the need should arise.

Other important insurance policies for your Retail store or restaurants:
  • Business Personal property or Contents insurance
  • Business Interruption
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial auto
  • Flood

If you have an office, such as accounting office, lawyers, doctors or any type of office. General liability insurance for your office is important & often required by landlords. Whether you own your office or you are just renting, General Liability insurance is a policy that every office should have. It will protect your office premises from liability or injury claims from anyone who comes to your office, even if you do not have customers come to your office, do you ever get deliveries? There are many scenarios where the insurance is needed for the office premises.

Liability protection for offices is available with a General liability policy or Liability Insurance can also be included in BOP Insurance or a Business Owners Insurance Policy. A Business Owners Insurance Policy may also provide protection for your contents, business interruption, Plate Glass, Employee dishonesty & Crime. Depending on your type of business, Professional Liability insurance may also be included in your BOP policy. You should talk to your insurance agent to see if a Business Owners policy is the best option for you.

Other coverages available for your office type risk are
  • Business Personal Property or Contents Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Sign & Plate Glass Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

No matter what kind of business you have, we will be happy to speak to you about what policies are best for you & we will also provide a free consultation of your existing insurance policies and discuss your different coverage options.

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